educational institution "Republican Institute of professional education"

Foreign citizens who have the necessary level of previous education, or on the results of the interview in Russian language, accepted for training in the conditions of the contract of the paid services in the sphere of education in the following specialties:



training Period

Industrial and civil engineering

construction Technician

2, 10

Sanitary maintenance of buildings and structures

plumbing Technician


furniture production Equipment and technologies

Furniture maker


Welding equipment and technology



Economy and organization of production

economist Technician


Tourism & hospitality

travel Agent. Guide


Tuition fee  3410.4 Bel.RUB 1 600 $ 1 year

The cost of living in a block-type student hostel is paid separately and is about 53.00 per month (25 $) white.rubles'.

the sequence of actions of foreign citizens to receive education in the institution of "Industrial-pedagogical College"

Get invitation to study

Get visa

Inform us of the date of arrival at the College

Arrive in the Republic of Belarus

Submit personally the documents to the admissions office before 15 October

Get an interview in Russian language College

Sign a contract for training and start classes

List of documents for admission:

1. Application addressed to the Manager;

2. Certificate (document) of education indicating the subjects studied and the marks (points) obtained on them – subject to recognition in the prescribed manner of these documents in the Republic of Belarus;

3. Conclusion of the medical Advisory Commission issued by the territorial health organization of the Republic of Belarus (after passing the mandatory medical examination in the direction of USSO) – for applicants for full-time (full-time) form of education;

4. Medical report on the state of health and HIV-free certificate issued by the official health authority of the country from which the candidate arrived for training;

5. Original (copy) of birth certificate;

6. 6 photos 3 x 4 cm;

7. Certificate of completion of the preparatory Department, preparatory courses of ussos (at the end of the preparatory departments, preparatory courses of ussos).

8. The listed documents executed in a foreign language are simultaneously accompanied by their translation into Belarusian or Russian, certified by a notary.


All documents that are provided to the educational institution must be translated into Russian and notarized.